Our target sector focuses solely on the Oil and Gas market. Given the favourable entry points, strong investment upside and currency arbitrage opportunities, our investor base is very keen on investing into the Canadian market.


A key Enercore process involves surveying capital market appetites for investment in the Oil and Gas sector. This process begins long before initial engagements with corporate clients. Using multiple investment parameters in our proprietary system allows us inform prospective clients of the number of interested parties and develop an understanding of the market. Curious to know how many funds have expressed interest in your type of company?

Prospecting & Qualification

We look for prospective clients who have the potential to match our funding criteria. At this stage, we assess qualifiers including management, financials, and corporate values.

We prefer prospective clients to have:

  • A strong management team
  • A quantifiable track record of success
  • Existing production
  • Adequate due diligence documents
  • A business plan which facilitates growth via acquisition or development


During the advisory stage, we prepare strategic alternatives for clients to consider. This is a collaborative process with the goal of finding a transaction strategy that is most desirable. Strategic alternatives are based on a deep understanding of the client’s financial situation and industry research. To develop a value maximizing transaction strategy, we assess comparables, risks, conduct valuations and run sensitivities.

Test Market

Once a strategy has been selected, a blind offering is presented to a group of funds. Testing the market allows us to give our clients feedback and a degree of confidence on a selected strategy before making a final offering.

Engagement / Structuring the Offering

At this stage, the engagement is signed and the Enercore Guarantee is initiated. Both our team and the client will have selected a strategy once the alternatives have been considered. Enercore structures the final offering to take to market.


Live marketing occurs during a 45-day span. Our clients reserve the right to trigger their guarantee and terminate the engagement if the 45 days pass without any funds actively committed to undertake due diligence.


We stay involved throughout the due diligence process until a financing commitment is made. Often challenging, this last step benefits greatly from our patience and experience. We are committed to helping you choose the most suitable offer and assist in negotiating terms and closing formalities.

Fee Structure

Our fees are discussed confidentially with prospective clients in a pre-engagement qualification meeting, and typically consist of a competitive, fully-guaranteed engagement fee plus negotiated success fees.

Additional services such as corporate package development is made under alternative fee arrangements. Fees are always clearly outlined and clients will only incur charges upon written client consent.

Enercore Guarantee

When engaged in a Capital Advisory mandate, Enercore guarantees to bring forward a pre-determined number of qualified capital partners/investors. When engaged in an M&A Advisory mandate, Enercore guarantees to bring forward a pre-determined number of qualified deals.

We guarantee results in both capacities or the deal can be terminated and a refund given on the engagement fees. This guarantee is set forth to balance the risk between the client and the service provider. It is also designed to protect the downside risk for the client with no legacy costs.

Work With Us

Are you seeking growth capital or M&A advisory?  We have substantial reach into the international capital markets and can provide debt and equity solutions for the Canadian oil and gas sector. We’ll help to tailor a bespoke capital program to procure the acquisition or development financing you are seeking.