Corporate Mission

Our mission is to be a premier choice in financial transaction advisory for the Oil and Gas industry. We transfer capital from investors into the hands of companies that can increase its value in a sustainable way.



We have a commitment to enhance shareholder value. At Enercore Capital, we help our clients use capital as a strategic way to create value.



True economic value comes from the combination of innovation and resources. We are committed to create economic value by placing capital into the hands of innovators.

Exceptional Service

From the initial consultation to the conclusion of our engagement mandate, we strive to exceed expectations for professionalism and service. We respect our client’s time by executing realistic timelines for each step in the collaboration process.

Work With Us

Are you seeking growth capital or M&A advisory?  We have substantial reach into the international capital markets and can provide debt and equity solutions for the Canadian oil and gas sector. We’ll help to tailor a bespoke capital program to procure the acquisition or development financing you are seeking.